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Friday 20th September 2019

An affordable conference for developers and managers on the south coast.

Write more awesome code and work better together, no matter your product or platform.


With a focus on key new methodologies and experiences, you’ll take away a ton of inspiration and practical advice to approaching development projects more effectively. One day out of the office is guaranteed to save you time and money for you and your team.

Each speaker will share their own takes on popular dev subjects and new thinking, with every talk giving you insight on how to get to the best out of yourself, your team and the tools you work with.

Dave Hulbert

Engineering Director at Base

Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown

Senior Software Engineer at BBC

Kevin Borrill

Web Developer at 3 Sided Cube

Melinda Seckington

Technical Manager at FutureLearn

Liz Pope

Head of Technology at Holiday Extras

Stephen Janaway

VP of Engineering for Bloom & Wild

Laura Yarrow

UX consultant at Experience UX

Alex Radu

Alex Radu

Software Engineer at JPMC